Metric Hexagon Half Lock Nuts DIN936

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Carton Quantity Bright Zinc Plated Cr3 Hot Dip Galvanised T/osize
M6 7,500 Stocked Not Stocked
M8 5,000 Stocked Not Stocked
M10 2,250 Stocked Stocked + 0.3mm
M12 1,700 Stocked Stocked + 0.3mm
M14 ---- Not Stocked Not Stocked
M16 1,000 Stocked Stocked + 0.4mm
M18 ---- Not Stocked Not Stocked
M20 600 Stocked Stocked + 0.4mm
M22 ---- Not Stocked Not Stocked
M24 500 Stocked Stocked + 0.4mm
M27 240 Not Stocked Stocked + 0.4mm
M30 200 Stocked Stocked + 0.4mm
M33 160 Not Stocked Stocked + 0.4mm
M36 100 Stocked Stocked + 0.4mm


The above table is intended as a guide only , please check with us for particular enquiries.


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