Metric Flat Washers BS4320 Form 'E' and Form 'F' Hot Dip Galvanised

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Form 'E' Carton Quantity Form 'F' Carton Quantity
M6 Stocked 20,000 Not Stocked ----
M8 Stocked 14,000 Stocked 6,000
M10 Stocked 5,000 Stocked 4,000
M12 Stocked 4,000 Stocked 2,400
M16 Stocked 2,000 Stocked 1,400
M20 Stocked 1,250 Stocked 1,000
M22 Stocked 1,000 Not Stocked ----
M24 Stocked 650 Stocked 500
M27 Stocked 500 Stocked 300
M30 Stocked 350 Stocked 250
M33 Stocked 300 Not Stocked ----
M36 Stocked 270 Stocked 200

Those sizes marked "To Order" may require a minimum quatity to be taken.

The above table is intended as a guide only , please check with us for particular enquiries.


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